Traditional  Chinese  Medicine  (TCM)  is a traditional medical system developed over thousands of years, and is an integral part of Chinese culture. The modern concept of TCM has been received many influences on its development and includes other Asian medical  system  such as  Traditional  Korean  and  Japanese  Medicine. Today  both Western and Chinese medicine are part of the Health Care System on China, working alongside each other.

The  principles of  TCM  have been received  many influences  from several schools of thought, especially from Taoism,  Buddhism,  and Neo-Confucianism. The Philosophy of  TCM  include  many  theories  like  Ying-yang,  Zang-Fu  (theory of  the Organs), The Five Elements, the concept of Qi, and The Eight Principles.

TCM analyses the entire body system,  looking into the cause of diseases instead of focusing on the  symptoms only.  TCM sees  the body  as a whole,  where all organs and other parts of the body  are connected in many different  (and sometimes subtle) ways. The principal aim of TCM is to restore the natural balance of the whole system, as well as the equilibrium between the mind and the body.

TCM  diagnosis   is  based  on  observation  rather  than  laboratory  test.  There  are basically four types of diagnosis:   consultation  (asking about patient's background and  lifestyle),   observation (tongue examination,  external symptoms),   hear and smell, and touching (pulse reading, palpation, auscultation).

Treatment  methods of  TCM are  natural,  and  there is  not  use of  synthetic drugs. Some of the  treatments  act on  internal  organs,  like  Herbal  Medicine,  nutritional complements,  and an  appropriate diet  (Chinese Food Therapy).  Other  treatments require  the stimulation of  certain areas of the  external body,  like acupuncture (the insertion  of fine  needles  at various points  on the body),  Tuina  (Massage Therapy, cupping) and physical exercise.

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