Acupuncture  is a  technique that  involves the  insertion of  fine  metal  needles  into  specific  points of  the skin. These points are located along invisible pathways called meridians, where the bio energy (Qi) flows creating links between the internal organs.

Unbalance or  interruption in  this  energy is  believed  to be cause of diseases,  and the  aim of  the  acupuncture is to  restore  the normal  flow of bio energy  through this pathways.

It is thought that acupuncture was  originally developped in China  over 4000  years ago,  although this  technique was developed also in other countries like Japan,  Korea and Tibet.


Chinese  cupping  uses  glass  cups  (previously  heated with  a  naked  flame)   applied  to  the  skin,  creating  a vacuum  effect  that  keeps  these cups  attached  to the body and lifting up the skin into the glass.

Is believed that this  suction stimulates  the flow of blood, eases aches and pains, and releases stress.


Chinese  herbal medicine  is a  cocktail  of ingredients  taken from  plants,  animals  and minerals.  It is  used  for  correcting  the disharmonic patterns of the body.  The practitioner designs  the formula with  ingredients for targeting the disease, and adds other ingredients to adjust the patient's condition.

Chinese herbal medicine relies only on the natural components,  without the use of synthetic drugs that can be toxic for the body, and is capable of treating the vast range of conditions.


Massage is a  technique that acts on the  skin and the muscles in  different  ways,  like pressing,  tapping and kneading, generally by using the fingers and other parts of the hands  (although it can  involve other  parts of the body).

Chinese  massage  is related to  acupuncture in its use of the  meridian system,  and its purpose is to bring the body into  balance.  It is used for  treating injuries,  joint and muscle problems and internal disorders.

Massage can be an alternative to the medicine, and can improve digestive, respiratory, and reproductive systems, as well as blood circulation and metabolism.  It can also be used as a sedative or make people feel refresh.


Traditionally in Chinese and other Asian cultures, people have considered food as medicine.  For thousands of years, the effects of the food in  the human body and mental condition  has been observed.  Food has been  classified in  different groups  depending of the observed effects, like those that increase or decreases the body's temperature or the energy. The ideas of ying and yang has a great influence in this classification, and the ideal diet will be the one that bring both elements into a balance.

TCM practitioner will conduct and examine the patient,  including an consultation about food habits and lifestyle,  also will design a diet that includes specific food to balance the body, eliminating the ones that can be harmful for the patient's condition.


Food provides us with the energy and vital nutrients necessary to remain healthy. The insufficiency of certain essential trace elements and vitamins in our organism can produce discomfort or illness. Stress, a wrong diet, unhealthy environment and specific problems or diseases ( like anemy, diahrrea and severe bleeding ) can lead to this situation.

Nutritional Medicine provides essential vitamins and mineral supplements to our body, and is complentary to a proper diet. These suplements, like calcium, magnesium, zinc, iron etc. are usually provided in the form of tablets. Vitamins are described with letters from A to E.

Although Nutritional Medicine is normally prescribed to correct deficiency, some times very large doses of vitamins and minerals are used in order to treat specific illnesses.


Sometimes exercise is prescribed for therapeutic reasons.  Moderate exercise  stimulates the flow of blood  and helps to eliminate toxins  from the body.  It strengthens  the heart and  lungs,  and releases  stress.  Too little exercise  affects the flow  of blood and energy, leading to the appearance of degenerative diseases like obesity, heart problems or even cancer.

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