Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) / Acupuncturist / Kinesiologist

 Kim   has  been  practising   Traditional Chinese  Medicine  for  several  years,  applying techniques like Acupuncture, Massage Therapy, Cupping,   Kinesiology,   Herbal  Medicine   and Nutritional Supplements,  as well offering advice about diet,  exercise and lifestyle  to restore the harmony of the body and improve health.

Graduating  from  Middlesex  University  of  TCM, Kim has fulfilled over 500 hours at Asante Clinic during his studies and more than 200 hours of pain  clinic  practices  at  several  hospitals  in London.  Also  he  has  been  practising Chinese Medicine for Charity  during the  whole course for over five years.

Soon  after  expanding  his  studies  of   TCM  in Beijing  University  (China),  he  has  established his  own  clinic  at  West Ewell,   and  finished a course of Kinesiology to complement his skills.

Qualifications and further education:

- BSc Honours in Traditional Chinese Medicine at Middlesex University (United Kingdom).
- Diploma of Chinese Medicine at Beijing University (China).
- Practitioner Certificate in Kinesiology at the Academy of Systematic Kinesiology (United Kingdom).

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